The Excelsior Program stresses the martial arts of passiveness. We want our participants to understand they are capable of defending themselves when they must, but resolution is the true path we encourage our students to follow. Teaching kids how to escape the physical strength of their opponent is directly applicable to the emotions and pressures we face everyday in life.


Through vital practices such as meditation and self-reflection, The EP will teach students analytical and critical thinking skills applicable to all aspects of their lives through martial arts. Group discussions along with self-reflection and meditation will allow students access to comfortable and effective avenues to vent their frustrations while providing the necessary tools to process the associated emotions.

Conflict Resolution

Because our work is informed by the values of passive martial arts, our participants learn self-discipline, physical and mental health as well as empathy towards one’s opponent. These principles allow for immediate adaptation to adversity and require critical thinking under pressure. We utilize group discussion and restorative justice techniques to establish self-awareness and increase communication and conflict resolution skills.